1. Requirements

1.1. Supported Operating Systems

The operating systems are limited to the set that supports the Microsoft Defender ATP “Live Response” feature. As of the date of this guide it is limited to Windows 10 workstations and Windows 2019 server systems.

Windows 10

  • Version 1909 or later

  • Version 1903 with KB4515384

  • Version 1809 (RS 5) with KB4537818

  • Version 1803 (RS 4) with KB4537795

  • Version 1709 (RS 3) with KB4537816

Windows Server 2019 - Only applicable for Public preview

  • Version 1903 or (with KB4515384) later

  • Version 1809 (with KB4537818)

For a current version of the list of supported operating systems, check the following page:


1.2. Enable „Live Response“ Feature

You need to enable the live response capability in the “Advanced Features” settings page for Workstations and Servers.


1.3. Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements reflect the scan settings of a default scan.



1 CPU Cores

1 GB of RAM

100MB of temporary disk space

2 CPU cores or more

8 GB of RAM or more

Table 1 - Hardware Requirements

Note: THOR uses between 160 and 300 MB of main memory during the investigation, but there are conditions in which the memory usage can exceed this range for a short time. On very weak end systems, enable “soft” mode in THOR Seeds config section.

1.4. Network Connections

1.4.1. On Investigated Workstation

cloud.nextron-systems.com 443/tcp

(note: this FQDN resolves to multiple IP addresses)

1.4.2. Web Proxies

Web proxies are supported albeit not fully tested. THOR Seed, the script that retrieves a license and the temporary THOR scanner package is proxy aware and should use the local proxy configuration.